Our mission here at Woodland is to be an open and caring people of God, sharing Christ's love with others.



That Woodland would be Connected to our Community in real and tangible ways as we endeavor to share Christ's love with the individuals and families that God brings to us. Community not only speaks to the neighborhoods surrounding our church but also all the communities that each of our members live in. That through our ministries, we may impact the whole person/family so that God is glorified and the needs of our flock (members, visitors, friends, neighbors, ministry recipients) are genuinely met.

That we would be A People of Prayer. That we would be a “Pray First” church. That we would recognize the importance of prayer not just on Sundays but for every day and for everyone.

That we would be A Church that Encounters God everyday including Sunday. To be a church that is considered a place where people can come and encounter God. To be a church that is genuine, transparent and humble before our Maker every time we gather together to worship Him.

That we would be A Church that Ministers by feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, opening our doors to the stranger, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, all in Jesus’ name. We do this by living out our mission statement every day: "Sharing Christ's Love with Others".


God and His Word are the ultimate authority here at Woodland.

We have a Church Council that is comprised of key leaders in the church along with the Ministry Staff. Their function is to provide vision and planning for the church.

Our Pastor provides leadership with the ministry staff in the day-to-day operations.